February 2020. My first week at Delta! Just settling into the corporate environment, learning where people’s offices were, racking up some Starbucks charges. And then... COVID hit. I couldn’t have predicted what my copywriting career would look like in the midst of a global pandemic (especially working for a major airline), but here’s what I’ve been up to: 

March. Aww, remember March? When we thought we would only be out of the office for a couple weeks? Simpler times.


April, May, June. Social distancing is life. Travel is definitely waaaay down but there are still some bold voyagers who need reminding. Also, solidarity. 


July, August, etc. Middle seats have been blocked through the end of the year. Capacity has been capped at 60%. I’m still working from home and my dogs think I’m unemployed and have no friends. 

And here’s some NOT COVID work:

A quick social video to promote Delta’s international sponsorship of The Masters.

The Offical Airline of Team USA:

Various OOH, print, and other “house” channels:

From the launch of the Travel Well Campaign:

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